Message From the Coordinator

In the past decades, commercial sex workers (CSWs) in Nigeria have been demonstrating insanity, lack of respect for the dignity and an uncontrollable abuse of the female sexual gates. The illicit abuses of the female genitals and the act of social deviant acts are a top notch within the commercial sex business in Nigeria. However, the World Health Organization has been involved in the distribution and sensitization of materials and organization of meaningful programmes in the developing world for the care and wellbeing of the commercial sex workers (CSWs) in Africa.


SHCCSW has identified the University of Benin institutional focus areas about which the University plans her fundamental occupation of teaching, learning, and research, and has therefore created flawless fortes within these areas:
  1. Health and wellness (cervical lesion screening)
  2. Molecular studies and medical microbiology
  3. Medical Laboratory investigation (cytology)
  4. Epidemiology and Survey
  5. Social health work
  6. Culture and communication
  7. Biostatistics



To create an enabling environment for the commercial health workers (CSWs) to be treated with equal respect, esteems and dignity that they may be free to have access to basic sexual and reproductive health and information on the need to quit the illicit sexual perverseness.
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