Message From the Coordinator

Female sex workers in Nigeria are often referred to as commercial sex workers (CSWs). In the last decades, commercial sex workers have been recognized to have an increased prevalence of cervical lesions due to their high risk behavior. Studies have however indicated that having multiple sexual partners may lead to high transmission of human papillomavirus. Approximately 291million women worldwide are HPV DNA carriers. It has also been recognized that knowledge of the prevalence of cervical lesions in commercial sex workers may lead to improved prevention.


SHCCSW has identified the University of Benin institutional focus areas about which the University plans her fundamental occupation of teaching, learning, and research, and has therefore created flawless fortes within these areas:

  1. Health and wellness 
  2. Pathology 
  3. Molecular Analysis 
  4. Medical Laboratory Investigation
  5. Epidemiology and Survey
  6. Social  health 
  7. Culture and communication
  8. Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
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