About Us

Sexual Health Concerns for Commercial Sex Workers (SHCCSW) is a multidisciplinary research group was drawn from the various Universities, Departments, Units, and health institutions within the Southern Nigeria and India. Our Motto is promoting dignity and wellness of sexual gates, which is our driving force embodies in research. For the past two years the SHCCSW has been actively involved in the following:

• Cervical lesion screening of the Commercial Sex Workers (CSWs) within the Southern Nigeria and environs
• Epidemiology of cervical lesions amongst the CSWs in a particular locality
• Sensitization of the CSWs of the impending dangers of the illicit sexual practices
• Maintaining the sexual health of CSWs within the confines of Benin City
• Enlighten campaign on the effects of commercial sex work on the female sexual gates
• Managing and reformation of the CSWs into the society
• Organizing seminars and health talk on the misuse of the female sexual gates
• Briefing and impartation of good moral values to the CSWs
• Educating the younger girls in public schools on peer group influences that lead to commercial sex work
• Medical Laboratory investigation (cytology)
• Social health work
• Culture and communication
• Biostatistics
• Community services e.g. supervising proper environmental clean-up of the places Of the CSWs abode and brothels e.t.c
The SHCCSW is yet to metamorphose from just a research group into a comprehensive blown research and an independent service center, having her facilities and laboratory equipment. At the moment, all our research related activities are conducted in the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences, University of Benin, Nigeria; all thanks to the management of the University for the Provision of a state of the heart laboratory equipment in the Department. Subsequent molecular activities are conducted at SNP Molecular Genetics Diagnostic & Research Centre, Mulund West, Mumbai, India where we already established an excellent collaborative understanding.