Message From the Coordinator

In the past decades, commercial sex workers (CSWs) in Nigeria have been demonstrating insanity, lack of respect for the dignity and an uncontrollable abuse of the female sexual gates. The illicit abuses of the female genitals and the act of social deviant acts are a top notch within the commercial sex business in Nigeria. However, the World Health Organization has been involved in the distribution and sensitization of materials and organization of meaningful programmes in the developing world for the care and wellbeing of the commercial sex workers (CSWs) in Africa. These activities have not been sufficiently distributed to cover the unsuspecting hideouts of CSWs in Nigeria. For this reason and many others, the Sexual Health Concerns for Commercial Sex Workers (SHCCSW) was established primarily to screen, provide reorientation and cater for the sexual gates of these vulnerable groups so as to reintegrate them properly into the society according to the norms and culture of our dear country Nigeria. The activities of the CSWs are often prone to infections, however, the non-transmissible forms of diseases especially the abnormal cervical lesions which if not diagnosed early could claim lives; that is why the cervical lesion screening has become our primary target to prevent the unforeseen dangers common with the deadly disease. Therefore, the SHCCSW was conceptualized for the following reasons:

  • Wide opportunity for transmissible infections amongst the CSWs is eminent
  • Lack of awareness of the etiology of abnormal cervical lesions
  • Professional ties with cervical cancer
  • CSWs serve as reservoir/ host for the spread of sexually transmitted infections
  • Negative influences of the CSWs on their immediate environment
  • Uncontrollable insanity amongst the CSWs
  • Lack of respect for dignity
  • Violent abuse of the female sexual gates

Loss of moral values according to our norms and tradition in Nigeria