To create an enabling environment for female sex workers (FSWs) to have access to basic sexual and reproductive health.


Sexual Health Concerns for Commercial Sex Workers (SHCCSW) is a non-profit group of experts from various fields in academic, health and private sectors. They are together with a mission to help the diverse categories of commercial sex workers in Nigeria to have healthy sexual gates, which can only be achieved by offering quality and meaningful research. SHCCSW also seeks to educate CSWs on sexual and reproductive health and related issues, and advocates for policy change at all governmental levels where possible. By using our wealth of experts, SHCCSW toils to maintain and improve the sexual health and social integration of the CSWs within the Nigerian society.


The general aim of this group is the continuous examination of the sexual health of the commercial sex workers for cervical lesions. Note: Cervical lesion screening of this vulnerable group is neglected. HIV and other forms of transmissible diseases are being screened by different organizations daily. Though, an abnormal cervical lesion is non-transmissible but may be deadly and irreversible in action. Therefore, an early diagnosis could save the lives of unsuspecting commercial sex workers.

Specific aim includes vaginal and cervical screening, blood testing, and regular health talk, campaigns against the misuse of the female sexual gates and the associated health hazards.
Others include:

  1. Burdens of cervical lesion on the affected sex workers.
  2. Palliative measures for sex workers affected by cervical lesion
  3. Determination of the prevalence of CSWs living with cervical lesions in a particular locality. 
  4. Identification of socio-demographic, behavioral and biological factors associated with cervical lesions within the confines of the commercial sex work. 


SHCCSW hopes to provide a contemporary, up-to-date and effective sexual and reproductive health services to the Commercial Sex Workers in Nigeria and Africa.


SNP Molecular Genetics Diagnostic & Research Centre, Mulund West, Mumbai, India